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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was that athlete whose temperament and aura upstaged any cricketing contest. However he maintained that he wasn’t bigger than than the sport.

It’s a reputation that continues to inspire several, not solely in Bharat. However everywhere the planet, to require up the game.

Sachin Tendulkar - Biography

Sachin Info

You’ve detected the mantra. you will not have detected of the game. However you’ve detected the mantra. the mantra – one that a billion folks once lived by; one that may originate from the Wankhede. And echo across the town and therefore the seas.

To the folks of Bharat, the 5’5” large of a person was way more than that. He was associate emotion; an emblem of hope in an exceedingly nation that revered him as nothing in need of a God.

Ironically, within the thick of the extraordinary veneration and in spite of the pedestal he has been placed on, it’s his humility. And also the ability to forged it all out that has allowed him to place forth his best performances on the international stage for over 20 years.

Having played across generations, Tendulkar started enjoying test cricket in a very white shirt. That would even as simply are used as a faculty uniform. And scored his last check hundred in a very niche Greek deity jersey. That was not possible to shop for over the counter, and would later be auctioned for millions.

In a Brief

In the thick of all the constant flattery he has received over a considerably transformation amount for cricket, commercially and otherwise. And in a very ocean of statistics that each Tendulkar-centric voice communication attracts.

Sachin Tendulkar - Biography

It’s generally simple to forget that he was maybe the foremost complete batter of his generation –

  • One WHO combined natural talent with toil and dedication.
  • One WHO recognized the importance of shaping and sprucing the diamond.

This uncommon mix of dedication and talent created him stand call at the group. And created him the legend that’s Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Tendulkar has been the one biggest issue behind the explosion of recognition that cricket enjoys in India. That crystal rectifier to the Indian board changing into the richest and most powerful in world cricket.

During a country already susceptible to cricket, Tendulkar gave the folks a hero they might look upto despite age, colour, creed or sect. And catapulted cricket from a sport to a faith within the landmass.

Talk About All Things

In a game riddled with statistics, he owns nearly each batting record price owning. As well as that of the foremost runs in take a look at and ODI cricket, the foremost lots of within the 2 formats. And also the highest variety of centuries in international cricket – a mind-numbing one hundred.

Despite a tricky begin to his ODI career, Tendulkar found his vocation at the highest of the order. Once he was sent to open against New island in 1994 and stricken a 49-ball eighty two, and created the gap spot his own.

He went on to compile forty nine ODI lots of by the top of his career – eclipsing the best by nineteen lots of.

A World Cup Legend

Moreover, this career spanned over six tourney appearances, from 1992 to 2011. Within which he created 2 appearances within the final (2003 and 2011).

Sachin Tendulkar

Finally obtaining his hands on the desired trophy on it fascinating night in Mumbai on the 2nd of Gregorian calendar month 2011( 2nd April 2011).

Obtaining the swan-song he merited before of his home crowd in Mumbai.

“He has carried the burden of the nation for 22 years; it’s time we carried him on our shoulders”

Virat Kohli’s words once his idol Sachin Tendulkar finally got his hands on the long-awaited tourney trophy.

With a doubt, though, Tendulkar’s fondest tourney memory remains the instant. He finally received the laurel wreath. He had been anticipating for the most effective a part of 20 years and a touch, and in fact, the instant he got his hands on the globe Cup trophy.


Despite all the talk about Tendulkar’s failures under pressure, his performances in big events were difficult to ignore. In his two World Cup final appearances, Tendulkar flattered to deceive with scores of 4 (2003 final vs. Australia) and 18 (2011 final vs. Sri Lanka).

Nevertheless, his overall performances and contributions over the course of the aforementioned tournaments played a huge part in getting India to the final in the first place.

Sachin Tendulkar - Biography

In the 2003 edition of the tournament, Tendulkar scored an astonishing 673 runs in the tournament. Going past his own record of 523 runs in a World Cup tournament (1996 World Cup) – a record that still stands.

Moreover, in India’s 2011 victorious World Cup campaign. He was once again India’s highest run-scorer and the second-highest overall, with 482 runs in the tournament at an average of 53.55.

With 2 hundreds in the league stages (against England and South Africa). And 2 crucial fifties in the knockouts (against Australia and Pakistan).

The World Cup Headache

After a dream run within the tournament of 2011, the hangover followed. Tendulkar, still stranded on ninety nine international tons of, looked as if it would have an extended wait ahead.

As he incomprehensible the mark on 2 hair-raising check tours of European country and Australia. Wherever he got on the point of the mark however didn’t get across the road.

Sachin Tendulkar - Biography

Once a year-long wait, he finally reached the landmark in an Asia Cup league game against Bangladesh at Mirpur. Evaluation his one hundredth international hundred to assist Asian nation to 290 just for India’s bowling to fail at an important time and concede the match.

His fifty one against West Pakistan within the same tournament terminated up being his final ODI game as he proclaimed his retirement from ODI cricket on twenty third December 2012, finishing his career as, by far, the best run-scorer and century-maker within the format.


On November 16, 2013, twenty four years and daily once his test debut, Tendulkar bid a tearful cheerio to check cricket at the Wankhede construction in Bombay.

Sachin Tendulkar

His 2 hundredth matched game, against the the Indies, culminated in an exceedingly win for Bharat, as Sachin contributed handsomely with a fluent seventy four.

The Wankhede was shocked into silence once he was caught at slip and had to steer back to the marquee.

However, his rousing speech once the match, whereby he mentioned that the chants of “Sachin Sachin can reverberate in my ears till my last breath”, fresh the gang into a replacement spree of the mantra – maybe for the last time ever.

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